The most critical role of the Oregon Legislature is to create a state budget that honors the will of the Oregon people. Legislators should not take the state’s taxpayers for granted. As a senator, I will advocate for a transparent process where we make the best use of available revenue, not looking to put additional taxes on families and businesses. Spending should be focused on the projects and programs that make the state a better place to live and do business.

Businesses of all sizes are vital to Eastern Oregon’s economy and creating opportunities for families to thrive. When businesses are allowed to succeed, their communities benefit through good wages, reduced poverty rates, and a higher overall standard of living. Cities and counties must have the tools to compete in the regional and global market, and businesses should be incentivized to invest and grow here — not pack up and leave.

I’m a firearm owner, licensed carry holder, and avid hunter. In the legislature I will defend the Constitutional rights of Oregonians to purchase, own and use firearms for recreation and self-defense and advocate for their practical and cultural importance in Eastern Oregon. Responsible gun ownership is a fundamental part of who we are as Americans and Oregonians.

Eastern Oregon is rich with agriculture, timber, and energy-generating resources. It is in the best interest of not only this area but the entire state that we continue to responsibly tap into these resources to create jobs locally while providing food, energy, and wood products for the world. This can be accomplished while maintaining the natural splendor and recreational opportunities that make our region unique. Eastern Oregon must have a voice in the process.

Oregon has gone in the wrong direction when it comes to addressing the root causes of crime, particularly drug abuse. I will support a public safety budget that funds our state patrol and DPSST and gives firefighters and EMTs the tools they need to succeed. I have also been actively working to bring accountability back to the state by dramatically reworking or repealing Measure 110.

As a member of the Hermiston School District Board of Directors, every decision we made was guided by what was best for students. This means providing high-level classroom instruction, career technical education to prepare students for jobs of today and the future, and a safe school environment.

Housing needs are different in each part of the state. Policies that may work in Portland aren’t always right for Eastern Oregon. We need an approach that empowers cities to work with developers to build houses, apartments, mobile homes and other units that are a good fit. We also need to connect unhoused people with mental health services and programs that build life and job skills to help develop a sustainable lifestyle.

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